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The Association of Global Universities, established in February 2014, is an association of Russian universities aiming to enhance their international competitiveness. The Association brings together 21 universities for reflection, synergy and action on common concerns in research and education.



Decree of the President of Russia sets an ambitious goal — to get at least five Russian universities in the top 100 universities in the world university rankings by 2020.


Fifteen Russian universities are selected to participate in the 5-100 Academic Excellence Project. These universities become the founding members of the Association.


After the second round of selection, another six universities become participants of the 5-100 Academic Excellence Project.  They are admitted as members of the Association by the General Assembly of the Association.

Our Goals

In accordance with the Charter, the main goal of the Association is to act as a forum for consolidated action of member institutions enhancing their competitiveness in education, research, and innovation.

The Association pursues the following objectives:

  • to promote members of the Association, enhance and maximise their competitiveness amongst the world leading centres of research and education;
  • to support members of the Association in establishing themselves internationally, gaining wider international recognition, strengthening their brand, image and reputation, and improving their standing in international university rankings;
  • to reach the highest quality standards in education and research, to enhance international competitiveness of university graduates;
  • to promote and facilitate cooperation in education, research and development among members of the Association;
  • to pursue the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge;
  • to promote collaboration between the members of the Association.


The supreme governing body of the Association is the General Assembly.

Operational management of the Association is carried by the Council of the Association, the Chairman of the Council and the Executive Director of the Association.

Control over the financial and economic activity of the Association is exercised by the Revision Committee.