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Tuition Fee Discounts for Foreign Applicants at HSE campus in St.Petersburg

The Academic Council of the St Petersburg branch of the Higher School of Economics approved a policy providing for fee discounts for the most talented international applicants entering the university in 2017. Discounts will be based on the total score achieved in entrance examinations.
Tuition Fee Discounts for Foreign Applicants at HSE campus in St.Petersburg

International applicants for a place on any of the HSE bachelor programmes who have scored a sum between 120 and 139 points in the two entrance exams (subject to receiving a minimum score in each exam) will be eligible for a 25% discount on the annual cost of tuition. What is more, the most talented BA applicants who get 140 points and above will be able to receive a 50% discount. 

The requirements for graduate students are similar: for a total score of 60 to 74 points in the portfolio, the discount will be 25%, and a total score of 75 and above will get 50%. 

Applicants who have passed the entrance exams will be able to check their score using the web portal and immediately find out what discount they would be eligible for. 

The newly approved tuition fee discount policy builds upon the range of discounts already available to foreign applicants to the Higher School of Economics. Within the framework of the general discount policy operating in all of our campuses, a 25% discount on admission to HSE may be obtained by graduates of international partner schools, graduates of HSE Prep Year, exchange programme participants and free-movers. Students who have participated in the HSE program "Summer University” will be eligible for a 10% discount. But this is not all! 

Special attention is paid to participants in the HSE Olympiad. For award-winning performance in the International Youth Olympiad, HSE St Petersburg provides for a 50% discount, and for the winners in any specific field - 70%. There are also discounts for international participants in the Olympiad as well as participants in “The Higher Standard” («Высшей пробы») competition.