UTMN linguist develops a course for international students

UTMN professor Ekaterina Lobanova has developed a course for international students interested in studying the Russian language – “Theater in Russian”. Students of the American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) became the first ones to take the course.

The course will help international students to develop and improve Russian communication skills, learn Russian grammar and expand their vocabulary, and break the language barrier while studying Russian classical literature including works of Anton Chekhov and Chyngyz Aitmatov to name but a few,” said Ekaterina Lobanova. 

According to the linguist, the course also helps in training pronunciation, articulation and intonation. Moreover, it prepares for working in a Russian-speaking team.  

The classes includes both group and individual work. Despite the course aims to unleash students’ creative potential, there are no specific theatrical qualifications required.