ETU "LETI" at SPIIF 2019: Breakthrough developments, topical discussions, and prospects for cooperation

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" took part in the events of the XII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.
ETU "LETI" at SPIIF 2019: Breakthrough developments, topical discussions, and prospects for cooperation

The opening ceremony of SPIIF 2019 takes place from November 13 to 15 at the ExpoForum exhibition center. It was attended by Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rusnano, Yasumasa Iijima, Consul General of Japan in St. Petersburg, Viktor Cherepov, Executive Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Sergey Voronkov, General Director of ExpoForum International.

“It is very important that about 300 organizations from 40 countries visited this forum,” Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, said at the opening of the forum. Also, he noted that St. Petersburg has always been an innovative city and ready to develop new technologies.

“We take part in this forum for several years. It seems to us that it is gradually gaining potential. And at the same time, we are convinced that we can and should move forward with understanding of how important St. Petersburg is for science, innovation, technology, and industry.”

Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rusnano

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Forum’s honored guests visited the exposition of developments of St. Petersburg enterprises and research organizations. Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rusnano, and Yasumasa Iijima, Consul General of Japan in St. Petersburg, visited the stand of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI."

Honored guests showed particular interest in the developments of small enterprises that are part of the ETU "LETI" Science Park: the Smart Clothes - Intelligent Skin technology complex and a high-precision passive radio monitoring system based on analysis of reflected and re-emitted signals. Viktor Luchinin, Director of the Department of Science of ETU "LETI," presented the exhibits to the guests.

“Our developments of so-called smart clothes, or intellectual skin, are needed to be able to effectively capture information. It is not the Internet of Things anymore; it is the Internet of People because each person has his own biological, medical IP address. One can extract this information, but it should all be integrated into clothing or used as a sticker on the skin.”

Viktor Luchinin, Director of the Department of Science at ETU "LETI"

According to Viktor Luchinin, the development aroused the interest of the head of RUSNANO; currently, RUSNANO Group has a portfolio company that is engaged in the construction of a flexible printed electronics plant.

Evgeny Vorobyov, Engineer of the Prognoz Research Institute of Forecasting and Monitoring of Emergencies, presented to visitors of the exhibition the passive coherent locator developed at ETU “LETI”: “The locator is designed to detect moving ground, surface, and air targets, including UAV. A key feature of the radar is the lack of its own transmitter. It uses the signal from existing transmitters of telecommunication systems; in our case, it is digital television. Then we receive the reflected signal, process it, and get the trajectories of the detected targets with the parameters of their movement."

As part of the Forum’s exposition, ETU “LETI” also presented a 3D scanner - a portable optical-electronic system for creating virtual copies of objects and a backpack fiber laser (Department of Photonics); microfocus x-ray computer tomograph, a medical device for the oncological disease treatment and a digital portable x-ray diagnostic complex for neonatology (Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices); a set of equipment for analyzing the dynamics of pressure distribution under the feet, flat feet degree, walking step characteristics, and radiographs of the foot (Department of Bioengineering Systems); Smart Clothes - Intellectual Skin” (Interuniversity Center for Prototyping and Contract Production of Micro- and Nanotechnology); laboratory-on-a-chip (Engineering Center for Microtechnology and Diagnostics); autonomous boat for environmental monitoring and robot-artist (Youth Research Center).

At the Forum, Mikhail Kupriyanov, Director of the Department of Education of ETU "LETI," and Philip Kazin, Deputy Director of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, signed an agreement on strategic partnership in the field of technological forecasting and entrepreneurship between ETU “LETI” and HSE in St. Petersburg. Under the agreement, the parties intend to support innovative projects and entrepreneurial initiatives implemented by the faculty and student community. 

As part of the first day of the SPIIF 2019, ETU "LETI" together with the My Business center organized the round table titled “Diversification of the Defense Industry. Educational Priorities of the Innovation Industry of the Future.” The main topic of discussion was the mechanisms for designing engineering teams for the production of innovative civilian products using the industrial base of defense industry enterprises. 

On November 14, representatives of ETU "LETI" Sergey Galunin, Head of the Department of Methodological Support, Licensing and Accreditation, Head of the Department of Electrical Technology and Converter Engineering, and Andrey Tumarkin, Head of the Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies, took part in the round table discussion Personnel for a New Science. The round table took place as part of a series of public discussions on the development of human capital in Russian science. The main theme of the event was the design of educational programs for the training of modern researchers.

The XII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum ended on November 15. On the final day of the event, an expanded meeting Development of the Market for Qualified Personnel for the Nanoindustry took place. Viktor Luchinin, Director of the Department of Science at ETU "LETI" delivered a presentation on the event.

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SPIIF 2019 is the largest platform of St. Petersburg for the advancement of scientific and production potential. The projects and initiatives presented at the Forum serve to strengthen the image of St. Petersburg as the leading intellectual center of Russia and the world. In 2019, Japan acts as a partner country of the SPIIF.