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HSE Professor Delivers Course on War and Peace at University of Bayreuth

Boris Kashnikov, Professor at the Faculty of Humanities, has delivered a course on "War and Peace" at the University of Bayreuth (Germany). The course was delivered in cooperation with Professor Rudolf Schuessler - specialist in just war theory, theory of international negotiations, and ethics in economics.
HSE Professor Delivers Course on War and Peace at University of Bayreuth

The course is the result of the cooperation agreement recently signed between HSE and the University of Bayreuth.

The twelve topics of the course are focused on the idea of the possibility and necessity of creating the conditions for lasting peace and overcoming the necessity of war. The topics include Leo Tolstoy's idea of absolute pacifism and modern pacifism, the just war doctrine, the doctrines of militarism and realism, as well as looking at the political, moral and economic conditions that lead to terrorism and the overall transformation of war in the modern world.

“War and Peace’ is an interdisciplinary course intended for students of the English bachelor’s programme in Philosophy and Economics,’ says Boris Kashnikov. Each topic starts with the students reporting on the overview of the main concepts, then we proceed with the discussions in which students take part and which cover most topical political, moral and economic problems of modern life.

The course was delivered in the framework of the so-called ‘weekend seminar’  - academic work, which gives us the opportunity to deliver semester courses within just a few days (Friday-Sunday). In this case the classes take place from morning till evening and require considerable preparation. The main advantage of this kind of work is that it allows us to deliver courses in cooperation with international experts who are only available for a short time

According to Professor Kashnikov, this or a similar joint course may be delivered at HSE, if there is a suitable educational programme. The University of Bayreuth has also confirmed their willingness to develop further cooperation with HSE.