News 90

Samara University scholars presented a diffractive lens that can replace a long-focus lens

Samara University
The scholars of Samara University presented the first in the world superlight diffractive lens at the largest technological conference in Europe – WebSummit 2017 – being held in Lisbon these days.

ITMO’s Topological Insulators Research Among 2017’s Top Achievements in Photonics

"Optics and Photonics News" journal has recognised a recent study on three-dimensional topological insulators as one of the year’s most promising advances in photonics. These structures are capable of controlling light without any losses caused by absorption and defects of material, showing great potential for application in communication networks, antennas and optical computers.

In Ecuador, FEFU archaeologists discovered possibly the most ancient ceramics of America

In the ancient settlement of Real Alto, together with colleagues from ESPOL Polytechnic University (Guayaquil), the researchers discovered a cultural layer that represents the first settlement stages of one of the most significant heritage assets of the New World ancient history.

Admissions Made Easy for International Students: 2018/2019 Academic Year

HSE University
On November 15, international student admissions for undergraduate and Master’s programmes opened. This year, prospective students can apply to two programmes simultaneously. They’ll be able to track the application process online in their personal profile on the HSE website where they will receive notifications on the stages of their application’s review and decisions by the admissions committee.

Extract of deep-sea brittle star can turn off deadliest type of cancer

A group of researchers from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has discovered an activity against the triple-negative phenotype of breast cancer in the extract of the deep-sea brittle star. The extract turns off the Wnt-signaling pathway in cancer cells, which causes their uncontrolled growth, while the substance does not have cytotoxicity, that is not dangerous.

A Graduate of NSU Physics Department was Awarded the Title "Distinguished Scientist" in Chicago

Only two dozen Fermilab scientists, a leader in high-energy physics, elementary particles and astrophysics, have received this honor.

How to minimize emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere

Samara University
An article of a Russian and American team of scholars appeared in the leading international journal in the field of physical chemistry Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. In the publication the calculations are given that allow predicting the concentration of dangerous carcinogens at fuel burning with high precision.

Creative Industries Masters Programme to Be Announced at UTMN

Om 11 NovemberUTMN School of Advanced Studies (2/1, 8 Marta St.) presented its new Creative Industries professional masters programme.

First results of cooperation with Roche Pharma

Sechenov University
Sechenov University's governance met with the representatives of Roche Pharma and Swiss-Russian Forum on November 16, 2017.

ITMO And Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) to Collaborate On AR/VR Projects

ITMO University and the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) signed an agreement on the creation of a joint Competence Center in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). The meeting took place at TBoilSPb platform, as part of an informal educational conference "National Technological Revolution 20.35".

Professors from Sechenov University demonstrated a live-line operation at the International Congress in China

Sechenov University
The International Congress of the Chinese Urological Association, which was held in Heife (People’s Republic of China), brought together more than 4000 participants from all over the world.

ITMO Programmers Win Huawei Honor Cup

ITMO students from the Computer Technology Department - Stanislav Naumov, Alexei Latyshev and Nikolai Budin - became winners of the competition’s new Codecraft category. This year, more than 4,000 students took part in the annual All-Russian event organized by the Huawei company.