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Student of MIT Saranesh Prembabu about MEPhI, Moscow and Russia

The students of MIT, consistently occupying the first place in the world rankings, internship in the MEPhI not for the first year as it allows them to turn their theoretical knowledge into practical experience, to find new ideas, improve knowledge of the Russian language and to make new friends.

Tuition Fee Discounts for Foreign Applicants at HSE campus in St.Petersburg

HSE University
The Academic Council of the St Petersburg branch of the Higher School of Economics approved a policy providing for fee discounts for the most talented international applicants entering the university in 2017. Discounts will be based on the total score achieved in entrance examinations.

Best friends: University of Stuttgart

Friends have a special place in our lives. We share similar interests, we grow up together, share our sorrows and joys. Friends will always support you. And among all your friends there are those who we value more than the others. We can even call them brothers or sisters - these are the best friends. The Polytechnic University also has the soul mates - the strategic partners of our university.

19 Universities Get Right To Award Academic Degrees

Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev signed a decree giving several organizations and universities the right to award academic degrees and create their own thesis boards. The corresponding document was published on the government's website on Friday, August 25th. Four scientific organizations and 19 universities were on the list; the decree comes into effect on September 1, 2017.

Admission Campaign 2017: The Results

TMO's admission campaign of 2017 is almost over; the lists of accepted students for the first year of Bachelor's and Master's programs have already been published. Read more about ITMO's growing popularity amongst high school graduates, this year's relevant programs, the growing requirements on the Unified State Exam scores and the admission of international students in an article by ITMO.NEWS.

HSE Continues to Rise in THE World University Rankings

HSE University
In the latest Times Higher Education university rankings, the Higher School of Economics rose to the 351-400 category among 1,102 schools worldwide. This is an improvement on last year, when HSE was in the 401-500 group, with the university ranking fourth among the 27 Russian universities that made it to the ranking.

MIT Experts on Russian Entrepreneurship

MIT Global Startup Labs program started off in the Business Incubator of ITMO University in June. The program goes on for eight weeks and is organized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Starting from the year 2000, a similar MIT GSL program has been carried out in 14 countries, altogether 59 times. This summer marks the first time that the program is conducted in Russia.

ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design Enters PLDC's Top-5 Best Universities

ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design entered the top-5 universities according to PLDC (Professional Lighting Design Convention) and was nominated for the prestigious PLDR award. Among the short-runners are universities and professionals from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Great Britain.

ITMO University Will Host 20th International Sol-Gel Conference

Universities from Switzerland, Greece, and Russia competed for the right to host the 20th International Sol-Gel Conference in 2019; ITMO University, whose scientists have recently received the prestigious Ulrich Award in the field of sol-gel technologies, has become the winner.