Achievements Highlights

From HR Department of ITMO University

If you want to enjoy the benefits of international research without spending long periods away from friends and family; step out of your comfort zone and see things from a new perspective; build a strong foundation for a long-lasting sustainable partnership in your research field; experience the most stunning city in Europe which competes with Venice, Paris and Amsterdam, join us right now!

Our Recruitment and HR Values

  • The responsible employer. ITMO University provides favorable working conditions in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe as well as support and encouragement for its employees.

  • Comprehensive research ecosystem. ITMO University can provide you with the combination of a good working atmosphere and powerful tools you need to conduct cutting-edge research.

  • Career growth. ITMO University stimulates its' employees to produce outstanding results and pursue their personal career goals.

  • Team is our most valued asset. ITMO University is proud of a top-class science and R&D team making us one of the top tertiary schools in Russia.

  • International nature. ITMO University partners with institutions in over 50 different countries, fostering connections and collaboration worldwide.

  • Tolerant Environment. ITMO University encourages diversity and forbids any discrimination towards our employees, be it on the grounds of gender or social, ethnic or religious affiliation.


Fellowship and Professorship Program

ITMO University Fellowship and Professorship Program aims to provide outstanding researchers and scientists, who are, or have the potential to become, leaders in their chosen fields, with the opportunity to build an independent research career. Our intention is to help to develop the next generation of researchers with the greatest potential in their postdoctoral, early career and professorial stages. This program is supported by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation The Federal Target Program "5-100".

ITMO University is proud to present four following subprograms:

  • Fellowship Program invites international researchers at all stages of their academic career to pursue their further professional development in collaboration with key ITMO University research centers. The program is available only for scholars who have completed their Ph. D. by the time of application (PDF copy of diploma required).
  • Professorship Program is aimed at strengthening the internationalization of education and research at ITMO University by implementing cutting-edge teaching methods of lecturers from all over the world, as well as giving outstanding researchers the platform to move to a new scientific level in their chosen field.
  • Professors of Excellence program is aimed at bringing in top-level international educators and best of the best researchers from world’s top universities that have the potential to enrich educational and research scenery of ITMO University.
  • Micro Fellowship Program for those who look to build a new scientific partnership or tap into different lab capabilities 



​If you have questions about any program or the application process, please, contact ITMO University ​Fellowship and Professorship Program Coordinator Anna Filinskaya at