Achievements Highlights

Best of Research from ITMO University

Research and development have always been top priorities for ITMO University. Many findings by the researchers of our university in 20th century determined the development of Soviet and global science and technology.

Many projects by our staff found commercial application and brought on significant technological and economic change. The use of wide-angle lenses “Russar” constructed by Prof. Rusinov allowed in the 1960s to complete cartographic aerial photography of the Soviet Union, including the North Pole. The first universal computing machine for engineering calculations “LITMO-1” was constructed at our university in 1956. 


Top research areas

  • Photonics and Optics: research and development in the field of modern optics, laser technology, holography. Progress and achievements in the development of ITMO University is recognized worldwide.
  • Natural sciences: research in physics, chemistry, mathematics and the development of methods for the practical implementation of research results. Best in Russian base for research and testing of new developments.
  • 'Smart' materials, nanomaterials and technologies: one of the most promising areas. Research conducted at ITMO University plays an important role in the development of the sector at the national level. 
  • Intelligent technology and robotics: activities in the field of mechanical systems and innovation to improve the performance of their operation. A lot of attention is paid to the use of modern materials and the automation of mechanical processes.
  • Life sciences: biotechnology research, cryotechnology and simulation of biological systems both in basic science and in practical fields: medicine, genetic engineering, and agriculture.
  • Information Technology: one of the leading research trends in ITMO University, including analysis of big data, automation systems, developing industry business informatics and intelligent economic systems.

Top technologies

  • Basic and critical military and industrial technology for development of advanced weapons, military and special equipment,
  • Genomic, proteomic and post-genomic technologies
  • Computer modeling of nanomaterials, nanoequipment and technologies
  • Nano, bio, information and cognitive technologies
  • Technologies for diagnosing nanomaterials and nanoequipment
  • Technologies for access to broadband multimedia services
  • Technologies for information, management and navigation systems
  • Technologies for microsystems and nanoequipment
  • Technologies for receiving and processing functional nanomaterials
  • Technologies and software for distributed and high-performance computing systems
  • Technologies for monitoring and prognosis of the state of the environment, pollution prevention and elimination
  • Technologies for prediction of environmental and technological disasters
  • New generation of technologies for space and transport equipment
  • Technologies for development of an electronic component base and energy-efficient lighting equipment.

Research Centers

ITMO University Research Centers are large, economically independent cross-disciplinary competence centers undertaking leading fundamental and applied research in our key areas of competence. In order to continue to contribute and excel at the highest level, ITMO University has several formed International Research Centers between University's departments and their international counterparts. Many of them also have industry partners as well.

There are multiple International Research Centers and Joint Research Projects that welcome students and graduates to their teams. We believe that by bringing together a critical mass of expertise we can forge cooperative links across national and disciplinary boundaries and generate breakthrough research.