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MEPhI was founded during the Second World War in 1942 and made a great contribution to the national victory. It was named Moscow Mechanics Institute of Ammunitions. Its original purpose was to train specialists for military and nuclear programs of the USSR. Great scientists and outstanding statesmen were among the founders of MEPhI: I.V. Kurchatov, B. L. Vannikov, Y. B. Zel'dovich, N.N. Semenov, A. I. Leipunskii and many others.

Today National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is one of the best national universities which educates elite experts for the nuclear industry, IT and other science-based sectors of the economy. All the educational activity of MEPhI is based on three key notions: education, science and innovation. The unity of the three is ensured within the framework of scientific research.

Physics of atomic nuclei and elementary particles, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, radiation and beam technologies, superconductivity and controlled thermonuclear fusion, intelligent computer systems, nuclear medicine and medical physics, all of these are far from being a complete list of advanced directions of study for the students, who are engaged both in practical and research activities. Equally important in the work of the University is the training of managers, analytical experts, who monitor and audit technological and industrial sectors of Russian and world economies. The University also trains specialists in the sphere of management, nuclear law and international science and technology cooperation.